View Full Version : 2004 Slider Internals Upgrade to 2005

02-21-2005, 09:01 AM
I wanna get the new 05 SPV internals for my 04 Slider (as well as an overhaul) and i wanted some information. Where does it go? How much does it cost? How long ill it usually take? Thanks

02-21-2005, 04:26 PM
This topic has been discussed in other threads. Try the search feature.

02-21-2005, 09:57 PM
phone ogc and ask

Hack On Wheels
02-22-2005, 03:02 AM
it should be fairly quick but ogc is in/near vancouver. if its still under warranty you may be able to get it done for free

02-22-2005, 03:48 AM
best to start the ball rolling at your LBS... they should be able to handle the "retro-fit" for you...

asssuming u hav a 1/2 ASS'd LBS that deals in manitou.