View Full Version : American Universities An Export

04-11-2011, 01:29 AM

Growing up in Richmond you begin to discover somethings that are just hidden.

Now I've met alot of these types of students (the ones that go to UBC/Langara/SFU) live in richmond and hang around eSpot. I've also heard how their parents became so rich from them and are able to send them here. All I can say is good for their parents wanting their kids to have a better life.

Pretty much if you treat the government officials alright and spend money on them, you can get away with alot of shit in china.

Anyways back ontop of the video. Do you think that considering it an export is a good thing? Theres no shortage of money from international students, and schools will keep taking it, but how does it help average americans when the endowments for universities are something like 30 billion per university?